Phase 3 Progress Report

Dear Parishioners,

Blessings and best wishes on this Holy Wednesday.

2020 is the year we have launched our St. Andrew 3rd Phase. You will remember that we proposed to the City of Riverside and unanimously won their consent for 3 phases back in 2000 - 20 years ago.


By the grace of God we have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2.

After 8 incredible years of beautification following the construction of the Church Temple we have taken a temporary hiatus in our 10 year complete iconography plan in order to build the Great Hall (to seat 350 with commercial kitchen), renovate the current fellowship hall into classrooms, and launch our church school/ educational initiative in Fall 2021.

We have completed the design phase with our architects, CJK Design Group of Novato, Ca. Currently our Civil Engineer is surveying, and we are preparing a topo and grading plan so that we can formally submit to the City of Riverside Planning Department.

We have also met with an architect, and many subs concerning the renovation of the existing fellowship hall into what we hope will be 10-12 new classrooms. We expect to receive a proposal from Rahnau-Clarke architects of Riverside in the next few days.


I have two unique pieces of information to share with regard to the initial roll-out of our Phase 3 campaign.

And...I have some particularly exciting news that will come at the very end of this email.

First, we have never entered into a campaign with so much financial fire-power.

In order to accomplish Phase 3 we will spend approximately $1.6 million on the Great Hall, and additional funds to renovate the existing hall into classrooms. We have been carrying a $1.5 million loan on the Church Temple since 2011. In order to build the new Great Hall we must retire the mortgage completely on the Church Temple and take out a new mortgage for the Hall. The outstanding balance of the temple mortgage is $700,000. Less than 1/2 of what it was in 2011.

By the grace of God and the generous bequeathal of the late Dorothy Andrus our parish inherited her estate. These funds - approximately $350,000- serve as a opening 50% match in our great effort to raise $700,000.

We were 1/2 way to our goal on the day that we launched the campaign.

In the first two days of the campaign to raise the $350,000 we received two additional significant pledges: one for $100,000 and one for $50,000. This means that our $700,000 goal was reduced within two days of launching our campaign to only $200,000.

This is truly historic in our parish's life. We have never started a campaign with such financial fire-power. That is the first unique piece of information I have to share with you. And let me share the second.

Second, we have never in our parish history had such a slow and limited participation in a major campaign as we have had in the last several months. 

Let me show you what I mean by the graph below.

As of today only 35 of our 250 families have made any contribution toward Phase 3. That means only 14% of our families are participating currently in our Phase 3 campaign. Even if we take not our total number of families (250), but instead use the smaller number of those parish families that actually are stewards (148) - meaning that they have made a pledge for the year 2020- we still only have 35 of 148. That means only 23.7% of our stewards are participating currently in our Phase 3 campaign. I expect that this slow and limited participation has much to do with the unique shut-down of parish life in response to the coronavirus. We do, however, have serious time parameters for Phase 3 in order to be able to occupy the new Great Hall and the renovated Christian Education center by Fall 2021. We cannot take months off and still meet our targets. Therefore I write to thank all those who have made their contribution to our Phase 3 campaign, and to ask the remaining vast majority of our parish to please do so as soon as you can. Our Phase 3 campaign has its own website where you can make your donation: There you will find a donations button. Of course, you can also mail a check or drop it by the church office. We have another $108,394 to raise to make our goal of $700,000 in order to retire our mortgage. Plus we have the costs to renovate the existing hall into classrooms. Amount TBA.

We have one piece of additional and very exciting information to share. We have just received yet another matching pledge. This new matching pledge is designed to motivate all our parishioners to complete Phase 3 immediately and raise the remaining $108,000 plus to create funds for the renovation of the old fellowship hall into classrooms. Toward this end a parishioner has just made a matching pledge of $100,000! We will only receive these funds if we complete the remaining Phase 3 goal. This means that every $1 you contribute to Phase 3 from now on will bring to the parish $2. Every $1000 given to St. Andrew will be $2000, and every $10,000 will be $20,000. We will, if we rise to the occasion and complete the Phase 3 campaign, end up not only being able to retire our $700,000 temple mortgage, but also have more than $100,000 towards the renovation of the fellowship hall for classrooms. We recognize that these are tenuous times, and a few of our parishioners have lost their jobs or have had their salaries reduced. Towards this end we have raised and distributed many thousands of dollars through the alms fund in the last three weeks. Phase 3 is not designed to overburden anyone and we are not asking those who are teetering financially to give to this campaign. We also thank God that most of our families remain stable in their employment, and most will very soon be receiving stimulus funds from the federal government. May God inspire us all to make Phase 3 and our parish school a reality through our sacrificial giving. Glory to God. Fr Josiah


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